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MAdeline Gladu

Madeline’s focus in training is to build an understanding of one’s body from a perspective of awareness and curiosity.


Strength & Conditioning

Mobility Training

Vinyasa Yoga and Pranayama


Body Awareness


Master of Science in Kinesiology 

ACSM Cert. Personal Trainer

ACSM Cert. Exercise Physiologist 

200 Hr RYS Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Functional Range Conditioning Certified Mobility Instructor

Licensed Massage Therapist 


Madeline comes from a background in dance where movement is exploratory and awareness is a necessity. She believes that the body is a vector to experience the world and the more nuanced control in range of motion and strength there is, the more freedom in daily life there can be. 

In sessions, she finds that training should be an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle and looks for opportunities to bring playfulness into the gym experience. 

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